Pet Grooming

Your pet’s coat is the source of the fluffy-goodness, but when things get dirty or stinky, a bath can make everything picture perfect again! Bathing that is specific to pets in general but mainly cats and dogs is referred to as Pet Grooming. This is the process by which groomers utilize the best washing, cleaning and drying techniques that are specific to your pet’s type of coat.

Grooming lets all animals, big and small, heavy or lightly pelted, have clean and groomed fur. Your furry family member deserves the best treatment possible, and with proper grooming techniques they can finally have them!

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Dog Grooming

Is your dog looking too scruffy? Are they stinking up the house because of their fear for bath time? We put love in every service that we offer for your dogs, and if being off the leash is a fear for them then we will make it the best and most comfortable experience possible.

We handle grooming time with great patience to have them look clean and ready to play with fur out of their eyes and nails sliding them out of control on your floors. Our services are affordable to give every pet the opportunity for positive hygiene.

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All Natural Pet Grooming

Your pet deserves the best products when it comes to cleaning their coat, and when it comes to all natural there is literally nothing better! We have been giving all natural pet grooming services here at Four On The Floor Grooming to your furry family members for years, making their coats sleek and shiny with no harsh chemicals.

Harsh chemicals and dyes, parabens and rough scents imbued into the formula can hurt your pet, especially is they have sensitive shin. With all natural products, you get a deeper clean and no harsh side effects.

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Gino & Carolyn, Miller Place, NY
Professional, considerate and caring, and at a great price!! Justin gets our Shih Tzu in and out. He can be a handful, and anxious at the but Justin does an amazing job with him. Our Fur Baby was perfectly groomed, nails done, and ears cleaned. Happy and relaxed when I went to pick him up. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Steve & Lori, Ridge
Justin is an exceptional groomer! Is caring and ensures our puppies are well taken care of. All we can say is truly amazing!
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